going to be little monster and runaway to funland

Aloitin sitten pakkaamisen totaalisella apinanraivolla. On niin turhauttavaa yrittää päättää mitä käyttää viikon päästä tähän aikaan...

Huomenna siis lyömme Suvin kanssa maskit naamalle ja menemmä katsastamaan kauniin Emilie Autumnin ja hänen kaartinsa :)
Maanantaina loikkaan lentokoneeseen ja ZOOOOOM~ Lontooseen \o 
Että on pieni ihminen hermostunut tälläisestä matkasta... :s 

Keskiviikkona kuitenkin suuntaan 02 arenaan päin,katsastamaan L'Arc~En~Cielin herrat. Erityisesti odotan näkeväni millaista rokkikukkoilua keulahahmo Hyde heittää...tai Ken *w*
Okay,I'm embarassed because I'm even trying this...but I try to translate this to english also. I'm gonna make lots of typos also so sorry sorry ;__;
So long story short.

Been packing these few days and felt so badly fustrated because I have no clue what I really wanna wear. 
It's so difficult for me to even think what would I wanna wear next week. It's even good that I have clue what to put on tomorrow :''D
Anyway~ been waiting for months now to go back to Tampere to see my friend Suvi <3 
We have special plans for tomorrow! Because we are going to see lovely and amazing Emilie Autumn *w*
I'm so excited about it 8)
And then I'm gonna hangout few days there,gonna be pain in the ass for everyone >8D
On monday i've just got early morning -__-; 
I got airplane to catch. Because me and my so lovely boyfriend are going to London! Hooraaay for that! I missed that place like...Okay,have no words to subscribe it but I missed it alot!
Nothing special on our plans,except wendsday night we wobble toward 02arena.
Going to see japanese rockband L'Arc~En~Ciel. My boyfriend is huge fan of theirs,and me...well not so much.
But it will be once in a lifetime opportunity atleast for me so what the hell..Why not go there then? :D
I'm curious and wanna see how rockstar like Hyde (their singer) is gonna be. And gonna see Ken *drool*

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